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Summit 2022 has ended, but you can still purchase the recordings. 

for our hybrid summit in Chicago
JUNE 9-11, 2023


Welcome to the Dance Therapy Advocates (DTA) Summit site.  We are so glad you are here. The DTA Summit was born out of an interest in creating community, visibility, and support for the field of dance/movement therapy.


The DTA Summit is for anyone and everyone who:

  • is interested in dance/movement therapy.

  • is a practitioner in the field of dance/movement therapy.

  • wants to connect with like minded individuals who are passionate about dance/movement and its inherent therapeutic nature.

  • wants to learn more about the field of dance/movement therapy



It is designed to meet the needs of people who do not attend annual conferences and are looking for other ways to connect to the dance therapy community.  It is designed to create space for out-of-the-box thinking, showcase ways that dance therapists are working and creating work, and to connect dance therapists across the world.

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Erica Hornthal, LCPC, BC-DMT

Creator, Dance Therapy Advocates Summit

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​Saturday, June 11 CST


9:00-9:30am       Welcome/Opening

10:00-11:30am   Session #1: Power Dynamics in DMT

                                               Rachele Preda

12:00-1:30pm     Session #2: A "Moving" Dialogue with Movement Scientist Gregory

                                              Greg Youdan, Jr. and Erica Hornthal

2:00-3:30pm       Session #3: Quantum DMT: Movements to Move Molecules

                                               Melanie Johnson French

4:00-5:30pm       Session #4: Awakening Presence: Experiential for Somatic Mindful  


                                               Jamila Kinney

6:00-7:30pm       Session #5: Physical Storytelling COVID Project on Zoom 2020-2022

                                               E.Connor Kelly and Steve Harvey


Sunday, June 12 CST

9:00-9:30am       Welcome/Opening

10:00-11:30am   Community Forum: Discuss the concerns, topics, and important themes

                           in the field that matter to YOU!

12:00-1:30pm     Session #1: Dancing Mindfully Through Troubled Times: An Immersive 

                                               Experience in the Dancing Mindfulness Practice

                                               Dr. Jamie Marich

2:00-3:30pm       Session #1: Exploring Your Self-Worth as a DMT

                                               Elizabet Abraham

4:00-5:30pm       Closing Discussion/Community Gathering



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The Dance Therapy Advocates Summit is organized by Chicago Dance Therapy