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JUNE 11-13, 2021

What is the Dance Therapy Advocates Summit?

Welcome to the Dance Therapy Advocates Summit (DTAS) site.  We are so glad you are here. The DTAS was born out of an interest in creating community, visibility, and support for the field of dance/movement therapy.


The DTAS is for anyone and everyone who:

  • is interested in dance/movement therapy.

  • is a practitioner in the field of dance/movement therapy.

  • wants to connect with like minded individuals who are passionate about dance/movement and its inherent therapeutic nature.

  • wants to learn more about the field of dance/movement therapy.


Erica Hornthal, LCPC, BC-DMT

Creator, Dance Therapy Advocates Summit


The Dance Therapy Advocates Summit is organized by Chicago Dance Therapy, Inc.

Why did I create this summit?

I got the idea from a colleague (counselor, not DMT) who put on an amazing in-person summit.  It made me think, "wow, if only there was a dance therapy summit."  Then the voices (spirit perhaps) chimed in..."you will do that".  So, I did.  It was supposed to be in person, but when the pandemic hit everything changed.  Bringing it online was a way to honestly recoup some expenses, but what ended up happening was beyond my imagination. I was so inspired by what took place that I want to do it again.


What is the purpose?

The summit was NOT created to compete with the annual dance therapy conference.  It was created to further the networking and collaboration between the conference. It is designed to meet the needs of people who do not attend the annual conference and are looking for other ways to connect to the dance therapy community.  It is to inspire and support the field which needs to be more mainstreamed and visible in my opinion.  It is designed to create space for out-of-the-box thinking, showcase ways that dance therapists are working and creating work, and to connect dance therapists across the world.

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